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We’ve Moved!

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Follow Us to Our New Home!

On an unrelated personal note, did you know that I’ve been married 95 days and I’m still driving around with 15 candelabras in the back of my car? Good things to come! 😉

I’ll see you at the new place! LOL 🙂

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Sweet Simplicity (DIY Dessert Table)

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Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

Do you really ever get too old for a Twinkie?

I know a wedding can be an occasion of epic sophistication. In planning my own wedding, I wanted to showcase love’s creativity and the wonder of childlike simplicity.  Translate that to the dessert table…and stay under budget.

A dessert table gives you the most delightful opportunity to create a fun, festive tablescape of tantalizing treats.  Whatever your budget is, you can make it happen.  For our dessert table, we choose to place the spotlight on our favorite childhood treats…things that make you smile!  This included Hostess Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ho Ho’s, Ding Dong’s and generic donuts from our local grocery store.   🙂

Our whimsical treats were proudly displayed on elegant cake stands, assembled from vintage dinner plates and candle holders.  Apply a little glue…and waa laa….. a beautifully eclectic cake pedestal that I WILL FOREVER LOVE.  Glass glue, YOU ARE AMAZING! Is there anything that you cannot do?!?

Dessert Table, Lauren Kinsey, Photography, DiPilato Wedding, Blueskybride

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

Sweet Simplicity! All of these little edible delights were purchased at our local grocery store the night before.  The vintage plates and candle stands were purchased for a few dollars each at local antique shops or secondhand stores.

The Intimate Weddings Blog has a beautiful tutorial on how to assemble your own cake stands.  If this is something that makes your heart flutter with  delight, then I would take a quick drive over there.

Nahhh, you’re never too old for a Twinkie! 🙂

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Dressing Ugly Walls

Today I’m thinking about ugly walls. Everyone has them. Your venue is probably no exception.  I ran into the same situation with my wedding.  Although the walls in our reception venue weren’t necessarily ugly, they were completely bare and VERY WHITE.


Bare Wedding Walls, Mobile Botanical Gardens, Christine DiPilato



Directly behind the planned area for our head table, was an unused fireplace with a large mantle.  During our planning stages, I learned that previous brides had adorned the mantle with candles and family pictures.  Since that wasn’t quite my style, I researched other options.  None of the commercial wall solutions really fit into my big-picture-budget, so I opted for something a little more creative….

Decorating Ugly Wedding Walls

Okay…a lot!  

Martha Stewart Weddings is an amazing wedding resource!  It was here where I found the idea that would transform my ugly walls.  Tissue paper garland!  Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that!?!  Thank you Martha!

What I love about this idea is that it transforms a space without a substantial investment.  Paper garland can be found at most party supply stores.  I purchased mine at www.bulkpartysupplies.com. They have an extensive collection in assorted colors. It’s hard to go wrong with these festive little guys.  They’re lightweight, easy to transport, easy to hang, and easy to dispose of!  

As you can see from our AFTER pictures below, they add color, dimension, depth and texture.  They’re easy to arrange, easy to overlap and easy to love!  

Thanks to this fun idea, our walls were transformed from ugly and blah to vibrant and whimsical.  

Hooray for tissue paper garland!


Lauren Kinsey Photography, Mobile Botanical Gardens, Reception Walls

AFTER (Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography)


Lauren Kinsey Photography, Wedding Walls, Reception Walls

AFTER (Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography)

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Today, it’s pouring rain outside. I mean, POUR-ING.  This isn’t a sprinkle-sprinkle kind of rain. This is Florida’s finest…cats and dogs!

I can’t help but think about someone’s wedding that’s scheduled for today.  Somewhere, there’s a bride looking out the window, wondering what to do.  And then, I can’t help but remember my own outdoor wedding and the rain-worries I had.

Do you see this happy smiling bride?

Lauren Kinsey Photography, Christine DiPilato, The Blue Sky Bride, Processional, Here Comes the Bride

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

Yeah, that’s me!  I was exceptionally happy, but  what you didn’t see is the dark, ominous clouds drifting overhead.  Nor did you hear that rumbling of thunder right before I took my first steps down the path to the ceremony site. Here comes the bridesmaids!  Here comes the flower girls! Here comes the….THUNDER!!!

For days leading up to my wedding, I had checked Weather.com compulsively.  The 1-month forecast, the 2-week forecast, 10-day, 7-day, 3-day, 24-hour, 12-hour!  I was my own wedding-day-weather-expert! I even checked the Farmer’s Almanac!!  Anything! Something!

The morning of my wedding I woke up and the sky was blue and sunshiny.  “That’s a good sign,” I thought, drawing back the hotel curtains.  Florida weather, though, is funny.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it has a weather-identity-crisis.  It can go from blue sky to a torrential downpour in a matter of hours.

Lauren Kinsey Photography, Christine DiPilato, Blueskybride

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

I lived in California all my life.  In California, if you wake up and it’s a rainy day…YOU KNOW it’s going to be a rainy day.  If you wake up, and it’s sunny, YOU KNOW it’s going to be a sunny day.  Not Florida….no sir!!  The weather around here is a whole ‘nother animal!

All that to say…the morning of my wedding…it was SUNSHINY.  It was a perfect day…my perfect day! As the first notes of Butterfly Waltz began to play and I started walking down the long, winding path to the ceremony site, little tiny sprinkles began to cascade from the clouds. My guests have told me that it was beautiful, like sparkles falling from the sky. To me, however, they could have been marbles! Focus Christine! Focus! (Bam! Bam! Bam!)  Florida weather at it’s finest.

Lauren Kinsey Photography, Here Comes the Bride, Mobile Botanical Gardens, Christine DiPilato, Blueskybride

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

As it turned it, the timing of the sprinkles did look magical, and the inevitable dour-pour, only took place after the guests were safely inside enjoying the reception.  Then it poured cats, dogs, hamsters and probably someone’s iguana!

I’ve said all this, because I did not have a rain plan. Sure, I read about it, but in my mind, rain was impossible on the most wonderful, magical day of my life!

So today’s weather has me thinking about rain plans.  Now I know that tenting an outdoor site can be expensive, and if you didn’t reserve a tent, it can be down-right impossible to handle in a last-minute scenario.

I think a beautiful and workable option would be to plan on umbrellas for all your guests and wedding party.  I’ve seen some surprisingly wonderful pictures online with rainy day weddings.  Look at these for instance:

Rainy Day Wedding

Credit: Jebock Photography

And what about this?

Credit: David Purslow Photography

Okay, this is completely smile-worthy:

Rainy Day Wedding

Credit: Lucky Dog Photo

One more cute one:

Rainy Day Wedding, Wedding Umbrellas

Credit: Offbeatbride.com

If I had to come up with a rain plan that didn’t break my budget, I think umbrellas are a good option.  I know for myself, that the natural beauty of the outdoors were important to me.  I wanted that to shine through.  I think these clear umbrellas would have allowed for that.  How about these clear umbrellas that you can buy in bulk at a wholesale rate? The price point on both of these items is worthy of rainy-day-consideration.  I think that the guests would look fantastic , and it wouldn’t interfere as much with your photography.

This umbrella from Bloomingdale’s, albeit at bit more expensive, would be adorable for the wedding party!  I’m just imagining that pop of color with that red heart.  Love it!

Rainy Day Wedding


Urban Outfitters has this good-looking umbrella, which would also work for the wedding party.  The black crisp borders are ideal for any wedding with black as an accent.  How perfect!  And again, this is a great price point!  You could outfit your entire wedding party!

Black and Clear Umbrella

Urban Outfitters

Amazon.com carries all sorts of umbrellas options.  How about this cutie with the polka-dots? I love the cheery colors!

Rainy Day Wedding


I’m so thankful that it didn’t rain on my wedding day!  With all the last-minute planning and late-night preparation, a rain plan just didn’t work itself into my big picture for that day!

Maybe you’re in the same situation…conscious that there could be rain, but not planning for it.  I mean, you’ve broken the piggy bank already, right?  I think these umbrella options are creative and can work on conservative budget, even a tight budget.  Treat them as an accessory.  Choose umbrellas that will compliment your colors and style.  Clear umbrellas will allow the scenery to shine through.

Rainy days happen, but with a little forethought, you can use it to your advantage.  Turn your umbrellas into accessories and give that cloud a silver lining that no one will forget!

As always, if you need my creative help, shoot me a comment below. I’m people-friendly!

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Does LOVE make us creative?

Each week, I have the marvelous opportunity to help children explore the beauty of art. We experiment with glue and sparkles. We design, we create, we imagine!  Sometimes a child will come to me, convinced that they lack the creativity they need to succeed Christine DiPilato, Art, Craft, Blue Sky Brideat a given task.

Maybe we all are like that child at some point, convinced that we don’t have that special something something to succeed.  Is it pixie dust? Is it left-brain vs. right-brain? Nature vs. Nurture?

Do you know, that once I work with that child, allow them to experiment with different mediums, praise their work, encourage them, that they become confident little artists?  The child that used to sit, pouting with arms folded, all of sudden lights up with wild and non-conventional ideas.  “Ms. Christine, I want to put 10 googly eyeballs on it and can I give him a purple mohawk?”Christine DiPilato, Art, Crafts, The Blue Sky Bride

I celebrate creativity! I believe that every individual has tremendous creative potential.

Love is the catalyst of creativity. It’s the fuel that gives “wings” to your ideas and “go-power” to your dreams. Your wedding is the most magical opportunity to harness the creative power of love!

There’s at least one study, documented here in Scientific American, that links falling in love to creativity.  Strong evidence suggests that people who are in love operate on a higher level of creativity and productivity. Bonus! Bonus! Amazing, huh?!?

Now, I’ve said all that to encourage you to try something new. If you’ve never considered yourself the “creative type,” I challenge you Christine DiPilato, The Blue Sky Bride, Arts, Craftsto see what love can do.  Invest in googly eyeballs! Break out the sparkles! OK, maybe not for your wedding! But how can you infuse some of your creative love into your creative wedding day?  Apparently, you’re wired for it!  So if you had some of that fancy-pants-pixie-dust, what would your wedding look like?

Stop. Imagine. Dream. So….why not?

As always, if you need my creative help, shoot me a comment below. Not only am I creative, but I’m super friendly! 🙂

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DIY Save the Dates (Easy Breezy Wonderful!)

I have something wonderful to share with you today! Can you tell I’m excited?

Your Save the Date is the first official announcement to the world that you are getting married to the one you love! Hooray!! What an amazing opportunity to seize that creative moment and embrace all that’s unique and distinctly you!

Here’s what I did:

Credit: Sheila Fletcher

Now, here’s how you can do it:

1. Purchase lettering at your local craft store

2. Paint or collage your lettering

3. String lettering together

4. Point, click, shoot…..waaaaa-laaaa!

TIP: Think about which colors will pop in your pictures. What are you two wearing? What’s your background?

If you select this project, I would love for you to share your results with me!  I’m excited to see your wild and whimsical ideas! Bring ’em on! 🙂

And just think of all the fun you’ll have..

Save the Date, DIY, do it yourself, unique

PS… As always, if you would like my help on a project, send me a message!

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Lovely DIY Favors

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

A Weekend Favor Project

There is so much to love about do-it-yourself wedding favors!  A handmade favor is a beautiful expression of gratitude.  Candied almonds have become an industry staple, but something that is handmade can add such a personal touch.  Planned correctly, it can also save you money!

Whether you are creating favors for 5o or 250, this can be accomplished in an assembly line fashion.  It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get your family and friends involved!

For this favor project, you will need:

  • white card stock or watercolor paper
  • watercolor paints & large brush
  • thank you stamp
  • stamp pad
  • staples & stapler
  • 4×6″ cellophane bags
  • die cut flower punch
  • assorted decorative scrap papers
  • glue

Step 1: Paint your paper.  For this project, I used watercolor paper.  It has a lovely rough parchment texture.  Select your paint colors and begin to paint entire sheets.  I recommend long quick strokes to speed this project along.  When using watercolors, it would be beautiful to use 2 or 3 colors, allowing hues to run together.  In a pinch, you can also use acrylic paints diluted with water.  To dry, lay flat in cool dry space.

Step 2: Cut your painted sheets to size.  Trim sheets down to 4×3.5.  Use a ruler to mark lines before cutting.  A paper-cutter is ideal, but scissors will work fine.

Step 3: Fold paper in half so that it fits nicely over the opening of the cellophane treat bag. Set the folded papers aside.

Step 4: Die Cut Flowers.  Using a die cut flower stamp, quickly punch flowers from the decorative scrap papers.  Punch enough for all the favors.

Step 5: Glue flowers.  Affix the die cut flowers with a dab of glue on the far left side of your paper.  Allow to dry.  For a nice touch, slightly pull up and curl the flowers petals so that they gently lift up off of sheet.

Step 6: Stamp Favors.  On a flat surface, hand stamp a “thank you” onto each favor.  Press firmly and lift up, again moving along quickly.  You’ll notice I did mine to the right of the flower.

Step 7: Fill your bag.  Two or 3 homemade cookies are delightful!

Step 8: Seal the bag. Fold over the cellophane wrapper. Place folded card over it, fully covering the wrapper top.  Holding firmly, place one staple under your wording.

That’s it! Depending on the number of guests, you can easily tackle this project in one weekend.  If you would like me to make these for you, follow me to my Etsy store!


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Weddings, Budgets & Wedding Budgets

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

I feel like singing a song right now,but I’ll settle for a haiku.

Crunching numbers math

Head spinning wedding wallet

Creative I do

Crunching numbers is no fun!  When it comes to weddings, it’s a necessary ingredient to balance inspiration with your wallet.  I’m a firm believer in doing more with less.  I think that with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of creativity, you can pull beauty out of a hat.

According to Theknot.com, the average wedding cost is $27,800.  This does not include honeymoon expenses.  This is the nuts and bolts of a ceremony and reception.

Don’t despair! If a tiny apple seed can grow a giant apple tree, then your wee creativity can give wings to your colossal dreams!

Here are some creative, budget-friendly areas to consider until we talk again:

  • Save the Dates
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Favors
  • Ceremony Decor
  • Reception Decor
  • Bridesmaids gifts
  • Groomsmen gifts
  • Flowers
  • Dessert Table

Creative opportunities abound. We’ll talk more soon!

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From Inspiration to Reality (Really!)

It’s interesting to note how ideas evolve over time.  In the planning stages of our wedding, I had so many ideas whirling around in my head! Gleaning inspiration from every source, I was a walking, talking, inspiration board. One day I was a sophisticated blue and black bride, the next an easy-breezy yellow and gray, and the next a smorgasbord of blues! Eventually, I settled it within myself that I was a bright-color-bride.

Let us take a trip down memory lane.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was my very first inspiration board created at http://www.stylemepretty.com.
Color Wonderful

Bright and happy right? Yes, I was a red, pink, orange and robins egg blue bride… with a pinch of yellow for good measure.  Over time, however, my spin on inspiration began to take on new turns with added color and dimension.  After all, your wedding is supposed to reflect the two of you…right?  (Right!)

My next inspiration board took its cue from my evolving sense of style and bridal confidence.  I entitled this, “My real wedding.”  What do you think?

Our Real Wedding!

In the end, I embraced my colorful inclinations and threw my inhibitions out the window. Behold, our wedding reality…

The Real Deal

My journey from inspiration to reality took some surprising turns.  In the end, our real wedding was entirely creative….and entirely us.  What started out as a small seed of inspiration became the colorful wedding we call our own.

Has your wedding style evolved over time as well? Have you been surprised?

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And then there was tomorrow.

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

It’s the funniest thing, actually.  As brides, we spend months and months imagining, anticipating and planning for the most fantastic adventure of our lives…our wedding day! After all, isn’t it what the little girl in each of us dreams of?  The dress, the flowers, the majesty and glory of the moment!  We count the months, the days, the final hours; and then in one surreal moment, the day arrives, the hour comes…. and it’s over.  And then it’s tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a bright shinning path full of possibility and promise.

We all know that every great fairytale ends with “Happily Ever After.”  As a newlywed, your “Happily Ever After” is the promise of a new beginning, a new chapter in a life together.  It’s the christening of a love story that only you and your spouse can write.

After the photographers leave, the last piece of cake is eaten, and your honeymoon tan  begins to fade, remember that you two are only at the beginning of a remarkable journey! Don’t look backward!  Don’t live in the past!  Look forward and set your sail into your majestic tomorrows.  The horizon is full of promise as you embark on this brand new day!

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