My Wedding. My Art Project.

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

My wedding has become the ultimate art project. Oh I know, the creative guru’s of the industry can pop a wedding out of a can. The wedding magazines that pour into my mail box on weekly basis, testify to the success of the industry. Like Jiffy Pop, it’s easy and quick.  White is cohesive, I understand.  Let us sing an ode to “the white satin package” that has become the gold standard.

Moving on.

If we’re all different and unique, shouldn’t each wedding be an expression of that?  I think so!  I believe every person has a vast creative potential within them.  The trick is to flip that switch and for the blue sky to shine.

This blog is dedicated to every bride who has had a desire to create and be creative.  You were born for this! Forget the white satin package. Bring on the ultimate art project!

The sky’s the limit.

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