And then there was tomorrow.

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

It’s the funniest thing, actually.  As brides, we spend months and months imagining, anticipating and planning for the most fantastic adventure of our lives…our wedding day! After all, isn’t it what the little girl in each of us dreams of?  The dress, the flowers, the majesty and glory of the moment!  We count the months, the days, the final hours; and then in one surreal moment, the day arrives, the hour comes…. and it’s over.  And then it’s tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a bright shinning path full of possibility and promise.

We all know that every great fairytale ends with “Happily Ever After.”  As a newlywed, your “Happily Ever After” is the promise of a new beginning, a new chapter in a life together.  It’s the christening of a love story that only you and your spouse can write.

After the photographers leave, the last piece of cake is eaten, and your honeymoon tan  begins to fade, remember that you two are only at the beginning of a remarkable journey! Don’t look backward!  Don’t live in the past!  Look forward and set your sail into your majestic tomorrows.  The horizon is full of promise as you embark on this brand new day!

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