From Inspiration to Reality (Really!)

It’s interesting to note how ideas evolve over time.  In the planning stages of our wedding, I had so many ideas whirling around in my head! Gleaning inspiration from every source, I was a walking, talking, inspiration board. One day I was a sophisticated blue and black bride, the next an easy-breezy yellow and gray, and the next a smorgasbord of blues! Eventually, I settled it within myself that I was a bright-color-bride.

Let us take a trip down memory lane.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was my very first inspiration board created at
Color Wonderful

Bright and happy right? Yes, I was a red, pink, orange and robins egg blue bride… with a pinch of yellow for good measure.  Over time, however, my spin on inspiration began to take on new turns with added color and dimension.  After all, your wedding is supposed to reflect the two of you…right?  (Right!)

My next inspiration board took its cue from my evolving sense of style and bridal confidence.  I entitled this, “My real wedding.”  What do you think?

Our Real Wedding!

In the end, I embraced my colorful inclinations and threw my inhibitions out the window. Behold, our wedding reality…

The Real Deal

My journey from inspiration to reality took some surprising turns.  In the end, our real wedding was entirely creative….and entirely us.  What started out as a small seed of inspiration became the colorful wedding we call our own.

Has your wedding style evolved over time as well? Have you been surprised?

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2 Responses to From Inspiration to Reality (Really!)

  1. are those leis in the background in the first picture? i just love the pop of color! what is it?

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