Lovely DIY Favors

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

A Weekend Favor Project

There is so much to love about do-it-yourself wedding favors!  A handmade favor is a beautiful expression of gratitude.  Candied almonds have become an industry staple, but something that is handmade can add such a personal touch.  Planned correctly, it can also save you money!

Whether you are creating favors for 5o or 250, this can be accomplished in an assembly line fashion.  It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get your family and friends involved!

For this favor project, you will need:

  • white card stock or watercolor paper
  • watercolor paints & large brush
  • thank you stamp
  • stamp pad
  • staples & stapler
  • 4×6″ cellophane bags
  • die cut flower punch
  • assorted decorative scrap papers
  • glue

Step 1: Paint your paper.  For this project, I used watercolor paper.  It has a lovely rough parchment texture.  Select your paint colors and begin to paint entire sheets.  I recommend long quick strokes to speed this project along.  When using watercolors, it would be beautiful to use 2 or 3 colors, allowing hues to run together.  In a pinch, you can also use acrylic paints diluted with water.  To dry, lay flat in cool dry space.

Step 2: Cut your painted sheets to size.  Trim sheets down to 4×3.5.  Use a ruler to mark lines before cutting.  A paper-cutter is ideal, but scissors will work fine.

Step 3: Fold paper in half so that it fits nicely over the opening of the cellophane treat bag. Set the folded papers aside.

Step 4: Die Cut Flowers.  Using a die cut flower stamp, quickly punch flowers from the decorative scrap papers.  Punch enough for all the favors.

Step 5: Glue flowers.  Affix the die cut flowers with a dab of glue on the far left side of your paper.  Allow to dry.  For a nice touch, slightly pull up and curl the flowers petals so that they gently lift up off of sheet.

Step 6: Stamp Favors.  On a flat surface, hand stamp a “thank you” onto each favor.  Press firmly and lift up, again moving along quickly.  You’ll notice I did mine to the right of the flower.

Step 7: Fill your bag.  Two or 3 homemade cookies are delightful!

Step 8: Seal the bag. Fold over the cellophane wrapper. Place folded card over it, fully covering the wrapper top.  Holding firmly, place one staple under your wording.

That’s it! Depending on the number of guests, you can easily tackle this project in one weekend.  If you would like me to make these for you, follow me to my Etsy store!

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2 Responses to Lovely DIY Favors

  1. Lyn GG says:

    So cute.. could also be done easier and cheaper getting some pretty paper in the craft section and a thank you stamp.. but I’m so uncrafty with paint..

    • Hi Lyn, I agree! Although, I didn’t find this method to be cheaper for myself do to the irregular cuts and the sheer number of favors that I need. Also, I kind of fell in love with the texture of watercolor paper. I agree with you though, I think this project would be delightful with patterned papers.

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