Sweet Simplicity (DIY Dessert Table)

dessert table, twinkies, lauren kinsyy photography, dipilato wedding, blueskybride

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

Do you really ever get too old for a Twinkie?

I know a wedding can be an occasion of epic sophistication. In planning my own wedding, I wanted to showcase love’s creativity and the wonder of childlike simplicity.  Translate that to the dessert table…and stay under budget.

A dessert table gives you the most delightful opportunity to create a fun, festive tablescape of tantalizing treats.  Whatever your budget is, you can make it happen.  For our dessert table, we choose to place the spotlight on our favorite childhood treats…things that make you smile!  This included Hostess Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ho Ho’s, Ding Dong’s and generic donuts from our local grocery store.   🙂

Our whimsical treats were proudly displayed on elegant cake stands, assembled from vintage dinner plates and candle holders.  Apply a little glue…and waa laa….. a beautifully eclectic cake pedestal that I WILL FOREVER LOVE.  Glass glue, YOU ARE AMAZING! Is there anything that you cannot do?!?

Dessert Table, Lauren Kinsey, Photography, DiPilato Wedding, Blueskybride

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

Sweet Simplicity! All of these little edible delights were purchased at our local grocery store the night before.  The vintage plates and candle stands were purchased for a few dollars each at local antique shops or secondhand stores.

The Intimate Weddings Blog has a beautiful tutorial on how to assemble your own cake stands.  If this is something that makes your heart flutter with  delight, then I would take a quick drive over there.

Nahhh, you’re never too old for a Twinkie! 🙂

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5 Responses to Sweet Simplicity (DIY Dessert Table)

  1. Lauren says:

    I have just spent the last 30 minutes on your blog, so fun and so YOU! I love it, love you, love love love. 🙂 I’m all toasty inside. 🙂 XO!
    Lauren Kinsey

  2. Kathleen Hernandez says:

    Just love your blog! Absolutely fun, festive and amazing!

  3. I’ve also been planning on making a “sweets” / dessert table, and have also made my thrift store finds cake plates. My wedding is this coming up Saturday, so wish me luck.
    We will have a variety of sweets including candies, trail mix and “Nutty Bars”. lol
    I looked at a few other articles on your blog and saw the back drop for walls……I am also doing that for behind the head table. We have so much in common….. =)

    • GonnaBeHisMrs, Congratulations!! So excited for you! Also, remember that your dessert table will be an ideal back drop for all sorts of pictures. Think toasts, cake eating, etc. If you still have time and energy, see what kind of backdrop you can whip up for that as well. In a pinch, crepe paper can go a loooong way. 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    Oh, what a lovely idea! You can make anything classy on a cake platter! I’m going to have fun looking around at what else you’ve got going here!

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