Journey to the Dress

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

You’ve heard the saying: “My eyes were bigger than my stomach. ”  Alas, how fitting, this is in the search for the perfect dress!  Could I find truer words?  Only if I reverse the order!!!

“My Stomach was Bigger than My Eyes.”

As I’ve perused bridal blogs and wedding boards, I’ve discovered a common theme.  Brides tend to buy dresses that are smaller than their true size. Sometimes the bridal boutiques recommend it, and other times the bride just insists on it. The situation gets considerably more complicated when one realizes that bridal sizes are always 1-2 sizes smaller than the actual stated size.  Are you serious? YES!

Why do we do this to ourselves? I guess in the end, something worthy of so much planning, preparation, and anticipation IS worth the journey.

My gorgeous Anne Barge gown has a happy little label that declares itself to be a Size 10. In real life, it is actually designed for a size 4 waist. Hence, my personal journey to the dress and thus, my whopping 500 calorie a day diet.  I’ve adapted quite well to not eating.  And thanks to my ambitious weight loss goals, I’m close to fitting THE dress.

I’m looking forward to that soon and coming day when my stomach will be just as big as my eyes.

Here’s to the Journey…and to the dress!

Can you relate to a similar journey to your dress? Continue reading

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My Glass Slipper.

I think I’m in love.  I’ve met a shoe.  Meet “Senorita,” a girly girls heel with the perfect bow.  Paris Hilton, you’re my new best friend! Dyeable, doable and completely lovable. I’ve met my match.  Sigh.

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My Wedding. My Art Project.

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography

My wedding has become the ultimate art project. Oh I know, the creative guru’s of the industry can pop a wedding out of a can. The wedding magazines that pour into my mail box on weekly basis, testify to the success of the industry. Like Jiffy Pop, it’s easy and quick.  White is cohesive, I understand.  Let us sing an ode to “the white satin package” that has become the gold standard.

Moving on.

If we’re all different and unique, shouldn’t each wedding be an expression of that?  I think so!  I believe every person has a vast creative potential within them.  The trick is to flip that switch and for the blue sky to shine.

This blog is dedicated to every bride who has had a desire to create and be creative.  You were born for this! Forget the white satin package. Bring on the ultimate art project!

The sky’s the limit.

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