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We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved! Yes, you can find The Blue Sky Bride and her DIY, budget-friendly,  ideas on…. (Drum Roll Please…) http://www.theblueskybride.com On an unrelated personal note, did you know that I’ve been married 95 days and I’m still driving around with … Continue reading

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Dressing Ugly Walls

Today I’m thinking about ugly walls. Everyone has them. Your venue is probably no exception.  I ran into the same situation with my wedding.  Although the walls in our reception venue weren’t necessarily ugly, they were completely bare and VERY … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Today, it’s pouring rain outside. I mean, POUR-ING.  This isn’t a sprinkle-sprinkle kind of rain. This is Florida’s finest…cats and dogs! I can’t help but think about someone’s wedding that’s scheduled for today.  Somewhere, there’s a bride looking out the … Continue reading

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Does LOVE make us creative?

Each week, I have the marvelous opportunity to help children explore the beauty of art. We experiment with glue and sparkles. We design, we create, we imagine!  Sometimes a child will come to me, convinced that they lack the creativity … Continue reading

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Weddings, Budgets & Wedding Budgets

I feel like singing a song right now,but I’ll settle for a haiku. Crunching numbers math Head spinning wedding wallet Creative I do Crunching numbers is no fun!  When it comes to weddings, it’s a necessary ingredient to balance inspiration … Continue reading

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From Inspiration to Reality (Really!)

It’s interesting to note how ideas evolve over time.  In the planning stages of our wedding, I had so many ideas whirling around in my head! Gleaning inspiration from every source, I was a walking, talking, inspiration board. One day … Continue reading

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And then there was tomorrow.

It’s the funniest thing, actually.  As brides, we spend months and months imagining, anticipating and planning for the most fantastic adventure of our lives…our wedding day! After all, isn’t it what the little girl in each of us dreams of?  … Continue reading

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My Glass Slipper.

I think I’m in love.  I’ve met a shoe.  Meet “Senorita,” a girly girls heel with the perfect bow.  Paris Hilton, you’re my new best friend! Dyeable, doable and completely lovable. I’ve met my match.  Sigh.

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