About The Blue Sky Bride


Credit: Lauren Kinsey Photography


Once a bride, always a bride!  That’s my motto!

The Inspired Bride is a celebration of life,  love, and raw creativity.  I love art!  I love creative ideas!  In fact, I believe that love is the foundation for all things creative.

My love for the creative is infectious. I was created to be creative. You were too!  So if you hang around me long enough, you will own a glue gun and dream in oil pastels.  With practice, wild and whimsical ideas will pop up like wildflowers along your roadside!  Let’s enjoy this happy journey together!

Follow my blog for wedding whims, bridal bliss, and sky-high inspirations with a do-it-yourself flare.


3 Responses to About The Blue Sky Bride

  1. Soon2b says:

    Hi I contacted u on style me pretty I’m getting married at mobile botanical gardens

  2. Marc and Laura DiPialto says:

    Awesome blog loved reading it getting all the behind the scene story on the planning. And then what an honor to be part of the ceremony and festivities. So much has changed since Laura and I got married it is a whole different world of weddings today.

    Your Brother and Sister in Love

    Marc and Laura

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