Does LOVE make us creative?

Each week, I have the marvelous opportunity to help children explore the beauty of art. We experiment with glue and sparkles. We design, we create, we imagine!  Sometimes a child will come to me, convinced that they lack the creativity they need to succeed Christine DiPilato, Art, Craft, Blue Sky Brideat a given task.

Maybe we all are like that child at some point, convinced that we don’t have that special something something to succeed.  Is it pixie dust? Is it left-brain vs. right-brain? Nature vs. Nurture?

Do you know, that once I work with that child, allow them to experiment with different mediums, praise their work, encourage them, that they become confident little artists?  The child that used to sit, pouting with arms folded, all of sudden lights up with wild and non-conventional ideas.  “Ms. Christine, I want to put 10 googly eyeballs on it and can I give him a purple mohawk?”Christine DiPilato, Art, Crafts, The Blue Sky Bride

I celebrate creativity! I believe that every individual has tremendous creative potential.

Love is the catalyst of creativity. It’s the fuel that gives “wings” to your ideas and “go-power” to your dreams. Your wedding is the most magical opportunity to harness the creative power of love!

There’s at least one study, documented here in Scientific American, that links falling in love to creativity.  Strong evidence suggests that people who are in love operate on a higher level of creativity and productivity. Bonus! Bonus! Amazing, huh?!?

Now, I’ve said all that to encourage you to try something new. If you’ve never considered yourself the “creative type,” I challenge you Christine DiPilato, The Blue Sky Bride, Arts, Craftsto see what love can do.  Invest in googly eyeballs! Break out the sparkles! OK, maybe not for your wedding! But how can you infuse some of your creative love into your creative wedding day?  Apparently, you’re wired for it!  So if you had some of that fancy-pants-pixie-dust, what would your wedding look like?

Stop. Imagine. Dream. So….why not?

As always, if you need my creative help, shoot me a comment below. Not only am I creative, but I’m super friendly! 🙂

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3 Responses to Does LOVE make us creative?

  1. Cheryl says:

    I always THOUGHT love took us to another plane! It’s like anything and everything is possible…even googly eyes and colorful mohawks. Good call, Blue Sky!

  2. Kelly says:

    I will vouch for her friendliness! 😀

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